3 Reasons Why You May be Struggling, And How I Can Help. – Fran Loubser
3 Reasons Why You May Be Struggling, And How I Can Help

3 Reasons Why You May be Struggling, And How I Can Help.

I coach and train networkers and entrepreneurs to build their businesses online using magnetic marketing.

And as I coach them, there are three things that I found so many of them are struggling with.

Join me if you want to learn what those three things are, hang around and I’ve got some incredible content for you!!

So you can stop doing all the weird salesy stuff and stop posting your products all over Facebook and stop chasing your friends and family. 

Networkers who come to me for help struggle in one or more of the following areas

1. Not Being Taught How To Build Online 

Okay. Number one is that they’re not actually being taught how to build online because I don’t care what anybody says, offline is out the picture nowadays, you can’t be doing the parties. You can’t be doing hotel meetings. You can’t be having the coffee parties. You can’t be doing all those things almost globally. That is gone, that is out the window. 

And you need to be building online. You need to be able to use social media. So that is the first thing, they’re not taught how to build effectively.

They’re not taught a social media strategy and they don’t have a duplicatable system that teaches them the skills to build online.

It is important to learn the skills to actually build using magnetic marketing because so often all that they do is they take their old school strategies and they bring them online.

And let me know if something that you’ve struggled with is that your upline does not know how to teach you how to grow an audience of people who are actually looking for you

Three or four years ago, when I was struggling and I kept going to my upline saying, “Please, I need help. How do I get out of my circle of friends and family. “ And they said you just need to talk to more people!

And I say, “I know, but where are these people? Who are these people? Where are these people hanging out? I need to find people who are actually looking for me”

Right, so I was taught, just go back and make a list of a hundred. I don’t know how many times I made that list. You know, I kept going back to that list and kept going back to that list.

And this is the problem, most networkers don’t have a social media strategy and they’re not being taught the skills to actually grow an audience of people who are actually looking for them, looking for their products or looking for their opportunity.

Next, they don’t have a system so that what they do duplicates again and again and again, so that as they bring people in, they’re thinking, “Okay, well now I’ve got to figure out how to teach these people what I’m doing and how to help them achieve their goals”

Or maybe they’re thinking “I’m still struggling. I don’t even know what I’m doing. I don’t know how to teach somebody else because I’m still struggling and I’m still trying to figure this out!”

If you don’t have a  system that is proven to work, that is duplicating, so that everybody can just plug into it. So that even if you are brand new and still struggling, your new team members can plug in and they will learn how to build their businesses. You do not have to be an expert or a top leader! You may be just one step ahead of them! 

So that is the first thing, not being taught a social media strategy and not having a system that is then going to duplicate.

2. No Support or Mentoring

The second thing is that they don’t have the support and the mentoring, and I don’t know about you, but I speak to so many people.

And they say, I was promised sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns and I was going to get all the mentoring, I was going to get coaching. I was going to get all these things. And then as soon as I’ve joined, my upline’s disappeared. I haven’t heard from them. I joined, I brought the volume into their business and they’ve disappeared.

They never check in with me. They never check in to see how I’m doing. They never check in to see if I need any help with anything, they’re never there to help you with conversations, they’re never there to help you close prospects.

Do you feel like you have no support? 

And if you are struggling, somebody who says “Sure let’s hop on a call, let’s evaluate where you’re at in your business. Let’s evaluate what you’re doing and see how it can best help you”.

Do you lack the support and mentoring by your upline?

3. Building on Hype

The third thing is that a lot of people are just building on a whole lot of hype.

There are about a thousand networking companies that open every year.

And of those, about 1% is going to survive five years.

So joining a startup, joining a company that is literally just launching is very risky because you’re putting all your eggs into that one basket, and you have no idea if they’re going to be around in five years time.

So it is super, super risky.

And then the other side is that people are so excited and they say, “Hey, I’m about to launch an incredible ground floor opportunity. You know, you’ve got to get in at the start and everything”.

Yeah, it’s exciting, but it comes with massive risk.

The other side is that a lot of people are stuck because they’re in a company that has been around forever, been around for 30, 40, 50, 60 years.

And so the market is saturated. Everybody knows somebody who’s in that company. And you know, they don’t know how to create that unique selling point.

They don’t know how to get people coming to them because most people have heard about the company, they either like the product or they don’t like the products.

They either know someone in the company, they’re already buying the products from somebody in the company.

And so it’s very hard to actually get new customers and get new distributors because most people are either already in, have bought, don’t like the products, already buying the products, if they’re interested in those products at all.

If you are looking for a social media strategy, if you’re looking for a 3 step formula to help you build influence on social media…

This link will get a free training where you can actually learn how to build online using magnetic marketing, using your personal profile.

So you can stop being a salesy weirdo and actually start attracting people to you!

But here I’ve got something exciting to share with you because it was about three months ago, as leaders in the team we were looking for a solution to help our team win.

We were looking for a solution to help out because our team was struggling. And as a networking  leader, you sleep soundly if your team is winning, but actually knowing that your team is struggling kept me awake at night!

I want nothing more than for my team to win!

And so about three months ago, we were praying for something and literally when you put something out to the universe, the universe delivered. 

An incredible opportunity fell into our laps. But there were a couple of non-negotiables.

4. It’s All About Timing

Now one of those non-negotiables was that the timing had to be right.

We had to have a product that was a right now product. If you’re joining a company that’s been around for 30, 40, 50, 60 years, the momentum has gone.

So to get a company that has survived that five years, and it’s not about to fold. Okay. Now of course, you’re never sure if it’s going to still be around, because you’re not in control of that, but it’s much more likely, if companies survive five years that they’re going to stick around for longer.

5. Having a Right-Now Product

The second thing was having a product that was a right-now product, having a product that people would feel a difference in a couple of days and having a product that actually was needed right now as well.

And a product that is priced reasonably.

6. A Good Compensation Plan

The third would be a compensation plan that would pay whether you’re building a retail business or growing a team but a compensation plan that would help everybody.

7. Finding Support

And the fourth thing was that was for us, was a company that would support us to build using magnetic marketing so that we would be supported however we wanted to build. 

That we wouldn’t be stuck having to brand the company, that we wouldn’t be told, “You’ve got to put your company all over Facebook. You gotta do all these salesy spammy things.” 

And so, you know, we provide our team with the support, the coaching, the mentoring, and we had the duplicatable system and the social media strategy.

So those things we had, but what we didn’t have was the right company and the right products. And so three months ago, we actually made a big switch.

8. Make 2021 YOUR Year

Are you ready to make 2021 the year where you win, if you want to make 2021 the year when you finally see your dreams come true, when you finally actually start seeing success, then go here and let’s hop on a call and see whether what I have is a fit for you.

Now, if you’re happy where you’re at, if you’re loving where you’re at, fantastic, please stay where you’re at, grab the formula so that you can actually figure out how to build successfully online using magnetic marketing.

But if you’re curious, and the thought of building a duplicatable system, teaching your team a social media strategy that brings results is overwhelming…

If your company does not have a right now product…

If your compensation plan is not wowing you or maybe your team is struggling and you’re thinking I need to help my team start winning…

Then check this out, book a call with me and let’s see if what we have is a fit for you.

Comment below what your biggest takeaway was.

Cheers. Fran xx

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