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6 Simple Steps To Build Your Online Marketing Business On Facebook

Have you ever wondered how you can use your social media profile to build your online marketing business effectively?

Because so many online marketers are using social media to try to build their businesses

And all they end up doing is repelling their audience rather than attracting team members.

Does this all sound familiar?

You know, when you scroll through Facebook and you see a never ending stream of before and after photos, of special offers and offers to join my team.

Or you get the “Hey girl” messages, someone sending you their link to buy their products when you haven’t even asked for information.

Well you’ve landed in the right place because I’m going to give you a 6 step formula to turn your Facebook profile into a magnet that’s going to attract strangers and turn them into team members.

I have made many mistakes on social media, I hope this blog post helps you avoid those mistakes. 

I’ve heard many things over the years. If you’ve been taught only to ever use a business page, it is good advice and best practice. However until you have a large audience on your business page and you have influence over that audience, you can use your personal profile. You just need to ensure that you are providing value for your audience and never mention your company or products.

6. Clean up your profile

Your personal profile is your business card. 

think about the impression you’re creating when someone lands on your profile.

Does it show you and is it attractive? 

If you landed on it would you want to connect with you?

Does your cover photo show you or is it of your favourite pet? Remember you want people to connect with you, not your dog, so your profile photo should be a close up of you. And please make it a happy photo of you!

Then take a look at your banner. What does this tell someone about you?

Does it show you and what you’re about? It could be a photo of you and your family. Or it may have a photo of you and your favourite motivational quote.

Here’s mine:

Here are Brandy Shaver’s and Cari Garff Higham’s, both top, highly respected leaders and coaches in the online  marketing industry

What it most definitely should not show is your products and opportunity. Or you will forever be known as the ABC company girl and not as who you truly are.

Next you want to check out your bio and about me section. Is this a brief summary of who you are or an advert for your company and products?

This is another opportunity for someone to get to know you, so remove your company information. Remove all posts from your profile that show your products and opportunity.

What the heck, I’m sorry if your feed is now a blank page, believe me it’s for the best!

Here’s the thing. If someone lands on your page and sees your products, you may never know that they were interested because they haven’t had to reach out to you for information.

They could’ve gone to their neighbour, friend Suzie or best still Google to buy your products.

Do you see now? You want them reaching out to you!

The key here is to think about your ideal audience and what they are struggling with. What are their pains and desires and how can you help them. 

I like to think of it like shining the spotlight on them. 

Remember, people always want to know what’s in it for them. 

The content you post on your personal profile should entertain, inspire, educate and create curiosity around your products and opportunity. You will also share posts about you, your family, what you do for fun.

 5. Brand You Inc.

Why is someone going to join your team or buy products from you?

The answer is YOU

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times but people join people and people buy from people!

So if your content is all about your products and opportunity, no one is being given the chance to get to know you! It’s just a sales pitch!

Ask yourself if your content is doing that? Are people getting to know you, who you really are, what you stand for and what you won’t stand for? 

Your brand is you, and how people feel about you after a conversation with you, after they watch your live, after they read your post. 

As I said earlier, your content is giving people the chance to get to know you.

My profile used to be shared posts and my latest offers, it never gave anyone the chance to get to know me. 

And as you can probably guess, I never got a single solitary new team member!

So I started searching for a better way to build on Facebook and I came across a training teaching me all about attraction marketing. 

It all started with this free 1o day bootcamp 2 years ago

The education I received in the bootcamp, the Attraction Marketing Formula and subsequent trainings taught me how to brand myself

I learnt how to create posts that engage, how to posture myself and how to automate my business.

One of the best ways to brand yourself and for people to get to know you is to do live videos. 

4. Grow Your Network

It’s networking, so you need to build a network to market to.

And you need to be getting new eyes on your content daily by adding new people to your friends list.

The first thing to do is to think about who your ideal customer and team member is? Then figure out where they hang out on Facebook. Are they in groups, do they follow certain networking gurus? 

When you have that figured out, go into those groups or pages and find people, send out a few friend requests a day – I do 5 – 10 a day.

Make sure that those new people are real people, that you have something in common with them and that they are people that you would like to work with.

Now please don’t go out and prospect them.

Get to know them, get valuable content in front of them that’s going to help them with their problems and inspire them to reach out to you. 

You are growing your friends list, it’s not called your prospect list.

Be a human first!

The online marketing will follow because you have a ever growing audience of prospects.

They will be reaching out to you because through your content, posts and lives, you are providing solutions to their problems.

3. Engage With Your Network

Get valuable content in front of your network, content that lets them get to know you and creates curiosity around you, your opportunity and your products. 

You will do this through lives and writing curiosity posts.

In order for them to see your content you need to engage with them.

Go check out their profiles, like or love their posts, comment on their posts and lives. 

Get into messenger conversations with them without a hidden agenda.

Be a friend first, build the relationship & get to know them.

It is through the conversations that you will uncover their likes and dislikes and most importantly their problems and struggles.

Build the know, like and trust

By being a human first, you build that know like and trust and when you uncover their problems, ask them if they are open to looking at your opportunity or perhaps you have a product that may help them. 

You can do this on messenger and also by delivering content on your profile.

2. Promote To Your Network

By building relationships with your audience and by consistently providing value, educating, inspiring, serving their needs…

You will have built influence over your audience. 

You have built that know like and trust factor and have become an authority in your niche. 

So when you write a curiosity post around the benefits of your products,

Or creating curiosity around your opportunity,

Perhaps around the one of a kind training system you have in place for them to learn how to build online,

You will ask them to comment below for more information

People will hold their hand up, you’ll hear those sweet words,

Tell me more!

It happens, believe me, remember to be a human first, provide the value and education and be patient!

1. Appreciate Your Network

People thrive on recognition. 

Appreciate those who follow you, who comment on your posts, who comment on your lives and of course, show your appreciation to your customers and recruits.

A thank you goes a long way!

I would not be where I am today and been able to quit my full time profession as a dentist if I hadn’t invested in my education.

I have been able to build my online marketing business without ever prospecting anyone and now have a large team.

The education I received all started when I got the free 10 day attraction marketing bootcamp.

If I hadn’t had the coaching and mentorship I received, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today. In fact, I would most likely have quit!

I invested in myself, and I cannot recommend the programme I invested in highly enough. 

Those coaches and mentors have become close friends and business partners of mine and if you would like to get started where I did, I cannot recommend this bootcamp highly enough

I’d love to hear your feedback, please leave a comment below and if you know of anyone this could help, please share it with them.

I appreciate you!

To your success

Fran XO

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