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Find Your Inner Badass!

Fran Loubser

7 Steps to Finding Your Inner Badass and to Build Confidence

Find Your Inner Badass

In your “no holding back” seven day video course and workbook you’ll discover:

  • The secret recipe for achieving badassery (Day 1)
  • The number one thing that holds people back and how to overcome it (Day 6)
  • How to banish limiting beliefs to build your confidence and grow as a badass (Day 3)
  • How to turn failure into your secret weapon to explode your success (Day 5) 

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Your Host, Fran Loubser

Fran Loubser is a wife, mother, former dentist and spunky network marketer on a mission to help people around the globe learn the power of influencer marketing to build brands on autopilot.

Together with her friends at Beach Boss Influencers, she works to help others push past the salesy weirdo ways of plastering offers on their newsfeeds, making lists of 100 and bugging family and friends for money.

Instead, Fran believes that you can build genuine influence by delivering value and helping serve others through the power of social media. 

The 7 Steps

Finding your Inner Badass for some can be one of the hardest and longest things you have to do.

In this fantastic freebie, Fran takes you step by step in learning different techniques on how to let go of self-doubt and step into your greatness.

There are so many people around the world not creating the life they have always wanted because of past trauma, hurt or failures.

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