Meet Fran – Fran Loubser


My path into network marketing was unexpected and certainly took everyone by surprise. You see I was a practicing dentist! I had been practicing for 28 years and had become more and more stressed by my profession, sleepless nights stressed! It was in 2015 that I was taken out for ‘coffee’ by a friend and told about an ‘amazing opportunity’ she was joining. The products, she said, would sell themselves and everyone needs them! Can you relate? Have you ever been told that? Products don’t sell themselves! People buy from people they know like and trust! Anyhow, so my path into Network Marketing began. The key to success is to be coachable! Make the massive dreaded list of 100 and start calling, messaging, however you can to get hold of all these people! You start off super excited and and book parties, home parties, hotel meetings. You bug all your friends and family to come and support you. They may for a while but they are not your target market. Soon you run out of people to talk to and start stalking waitresses, talking to everyone and anyone who’ll listen. I hear you groan! Have you had the same struggles, doing home parties, doing hotel meetings, driving for hours, being away from your family to do parties, getting home late at night! And then there is the dreaded phone! Making phone calls to customers asking them if they wanted to order more products. (The company I was with didn’t have many consumable products so it was a constant battle trying to get more orders!) Have you found yourself calling or messaging friends to tell them about your amazing opportunity, only to be told NO? Is this what you are being taught to do? The problem is, it has become about you and not them! I called people, I messaged friends on Facebook I hadn’t spoken to in years and told them about the opportunity – in my defence I was doing what I was told to do! Being coachable! Are you meeting for a ‘coffee’ where the aim of the ‘coffee’ wasn’t to catch up as much with the friend but to prospect! I had some success, my parties were a scream, The products were cleaning products so I had to make it fun and for those who know me know I have a rather naughty sense of humour. The parties were definitely a lot less fun if kids were around! You may have had success to start with from your loyal friends and family who want to support you and then the bookings become few and far between, people don’t want to have parties.When they socialise with friends, they want to socialise and not invite their friends over to be sold to. There is also the problem of actually getting bums on seats! How often have you driven miles to do a party only to find that there are 3 people there, two of them being you and the host? The other 10 people who’d promised they’d come pulled out at the last minute, blaming some emergency! Roll on a year and I could no longer ask my loyal friends to host another party or buy any more product. You see, by this time, most of them were avoiding me, they didn’t answer my phone calls, they avoided eye contact with me at the gym, they did an about turn in the street! I had become that network marketer! I knew there had to be a better way and I always believe things happen for a reason! I happened to be scrolling on Facebook, rather than make one more phone call when I came across a webinar. I discovered the secret that I knew must be out there!   Attraction marketing!!! It was a concept so simple, I couldn’t believe I had been struggling offline for so long! I had tried using social media before without any joy, because I didn’t know how! People come onto social media to be social, not to be sold to. If I create and share VALUE with others, people will come to me to find out more instead of me having to chase after people! I dove straight in! I was coachable! I started building online and said goodbye to parties, driving at night, being away from my husband. I meet up with friends now to be social and not to prospect them all! I ended up changing companies a short while later to join my coaches and mentors and to join a company I have fallen in love with! I can now build a global team using social media without ever spamming my company or products anywhere! I want to help you do the same! I want to see you succeed, to fulfill your hopes and dreams! To your success!