The Number One Reason People Fail in Network Marketing – Fran Loubser
The Number One Reason People Fail in Network Marketing

The Number One Reason People Fail in Network Marketing

What do you think is the NUMBER ONE reason why most network marketers fail? 

For those who don’t know who I am, my name is Fran Loubser and I am a network marketing leader and I coach and train network marketers to take your business online, to brand yourself and to use influence marketing  so that you can stop chasing your friends and family. 

So you can stop posting your products and your opportunity all over Facebook, and actually start attracting people to you because of the audience you grow and the content that you put on social media. 

So the number one reason, and you want to hang on to the end because I’ve got something super important that I want to share with you at the end!

1. Don’t Be A Sales Person

But the big reason that network marketers fail right now is because they think that network marketing is a sales business, that they think that they’re here to sell product, to sell the opportunity.

They have a sales mindset.

And this is one of the biggest pieces of advice that I can give you right now, is that as long as you think it is a sales business and you approach it from a sales mindset, and you’re just trying to be a sales person, you’re trying to sell your products, or you’re trying to sell your opportunity, you’re going to struggle to create the results that you want.


Because it is not duplicatable! You’re not going to achieve that freedom that you want.

But let me know if you’re thinking, ‘Well, I have products that I want to sell and I have an opportunity that I want to sell’.

2. Offer Solutions

The biggest shift that I can get you to make is that instead of thinking that we’re here to sell products, we’re here to sell an opportunity, start to think that we’re here to lead people and we’re here to offer people solutions to their problems.

 We are problem solvers and we’re here to serve others. 

I want to ask you…….was it ever your dream to be a sales person?

Because I can tell you right now, it was never, ever my dream to be a salesperson. Never. 

And I’m guessing it never was your dream to be a sales person either? 

You probably find it really awkward trying to sell your opportunity. ‚Äč

You do however want to help and serve people, right? 

So when you can shift your mindset and change the way that you think about this business, it is not about selling, it never was about selling, it’s about helping people. It is about serving people.

And you know, one thing that they say about network marketing is it’s a personal development program and a leadership program with a compensation plan attached.

Have you had a little aha moment?? Thinking, “Okay, so if I can start serving people, if I can start helping people, and if I can teach people how to help people, and if I can actually create a system, create a program so that I’m not selling and so I actually teach people how to use magnetic marketing, how to serve other people, how to help people solve their problems, how to connect with people and be that problem solver and not a salesperson”.

3. Make It Duplicatable

Do you think then, that will duplicate?

Because, you know, if you focus on the sale, you may get a couple of sales to start out with, but that’s not going to duplicate.

Focus on becoming a leader and putting a system in place to actually train people right from the get-go, how to have success so that they actually learn how to help and serve other people, solve people’s problems, this is what duplicates. 

4. It’s Not About You

When I first started out on my network marketing journey, I was desperate to sell.

I literally started repelling people

My wake up call was when I had a friend who literally ran away from me in the street, I don’t live in a big town!

I hadn’t listened to her. I hadn’t listened to what she wanted. When you focus on the sale, when you’ve got the sales mindset, it’s all about me.

Does that make sense? And it never was about me, it never was about you. It’s about the people that you’re trying to serve.

So focus on the people that you’re trying to help and stop trying to sell, because as soon as you can stop trying to sell, then all of a sudden everything will fall into place.

So as I said earlier, having a system in place so that you teach people how to become leaders, so that you teach people how to serve other people.

Teach people how to connect as a normal human being and stop just trying to sell to people. Then all of a sudden that is going to help your business grow. Then the sales will come. 

5. Check Your Profile

So let me know if this is making sense, because the one thing that most network marketers get wrong, and I want you to have a look at your profile and I want you to go and have a look at some other profiles, friends who are in network marketing. And when you look at their profile, does it scream sales? 

Does it scream, ‘Buy my product’? Does it scream, ‘Join my opportunity’?

Or do you think, ‘Wow, he’s helping me. He’s giving me value. He’s solving my problems.’ And therefore do you want to follow him?

I want to get to know him better. I want to get to know her better. I’m going to keep following her. I’m going to turn on my notifications. I’m going to turn on see first, because I love what they’re sharing on their page. 

It all starts with your personal profile.

So, if you have a look at your personal profile and if it says the company you’re with, if it says the products that you’re selling, if you’ve got deals on there, if you’ve got that kind of content on your profile, you are going to be repelling other people because they’re going to see your profile and they’re gonna think, ‘Oh, she’s just going to try and sell to me. She’s just going to try and get me to join a company. She’s just going to get me to try and buy products‘.

You want to set up your personal profile so that it does not repel people, so that it does not scream sales.

Maybe they can tell you’re a network marketer, but they cannot tell what company you’re with. 

And people are actually attracted to you because of the content that you put out there, but it starts with your profile.

 Give people enough value, if you can help people enough they will join.

They will come and buy your product. They will do that all day, every day. I’ve seen it. I do it

So if you’re ready to start seeing results in your business all using social media, then get my social recruiting secrets here

  Fran xx

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